Propaganda & Mass Persuasion: Tell them the truth!!!!

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Tell them the truth!!!!

As long as we have all lived, we were told what to do, what was socially acceptable and what was right and wrong. We were told this directly and subconsciously by the heavily propagandized media of America. Even when young cartoons and westerns told us who the enemy was, who we should hate and what we should fight for, the government put countless money into campaigns and advertisements to persuade us into patriotism. In our trying days we have been lied to countless amounts of times throughout our lives and with disasters happening all around us as people call for a change and defy the propaganda norms today!

Media news coverage of political affairs show their one sided opinions in the mass media to persuade people into believing what they put forth but people are fighting back. A man on fox 5 morning news chose to speak out on propaganda by mentioning their woes on live TV, it wasn't the first time it was done but it shows the frustration of the people on how bad they want and need change in America. In china they are protesting the US Olympics because they do not wish for their country to be influenced by the United states propaganda which might change their very way of living.

With all of these uproars of change with the democratic nominations and the war people feel the need to speak up and put their input of change out there to the world, the effort is consistent and change shouldn't be that much far away.


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