Propaganda & Mass Persuasion: Say What?

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Say What?

Afghan Villagers say 200 Killed
By the Associated Press

" Fifty people were confirmed dead, it's possible that 100 or 200 were killed" he said. We are very sad about the bombing of civilians, but it is the fault of our own people because they are giving false reports that there are Al qaida camps here"

The associated press reports that over 100 Afghan civilians have been killed. they rally up the witnesses, get some commutity feedback, visit the site of the attack and.. the U.S. government says it never happend. What? How exactly is it that you can account for 50 confrimed dead bodies, witness to the bombs that were dropped and the goverment has the nerve to say it didn't happen. Is it because of a lack of empathy or are we all having the wool pulled over hour eyes?

2. It is never the fault of the people if they become a casuality of war, the U.S. government should do a better job of veryifying the locations they drop missles on as opposed to taking the word of the towns people, but then again they'll use anyone's word as an excuse to drop a bomb.


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