Propaganda & Mass Persuasion: BE AT YOUR BEST!!

Monday, April 14, 2008


"America needs you healthy......but she also needs you cheerful,friendly,cooperative."
This pharse was in an advertisement written by the Lambert Pharmacal Company during the war. This advertisement was used to mislead the public during the war. By reading the above statement you would have no idea from the first couple of lines in the advertisement that they were trying to persuade americans to buy "Listerine Antiseptic".
"These are simple obligations to our country ,to our men at the front,and to ourselves."
How can having bad or good breathe be a obligation to your country!? These advertisements during the war made the american public blinded to the real agenda of the media..... which was to sell their products and suck in as much money as they kind. They were not really concerned weather you had good breathe but if you would buy their product. Personally the war was a time of money ,money and more money!! Listerine does not make you stronger in fighting in the war,so why is the war being associated with listerine???


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