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Monday, February 12, 2007

FRONTLINE: newswar preview site | PBS

FRONTLINE: newswar preview site | PBS

Frontline will be airing a new three part series about the conflict between the news industry and political power in America. Check out the preview site interviews. The series will begin tomorrow night on channel 13. You can also watch it online.

Here's the description from Frontline

"News War: Secrets, Sources & Spin (Part I)
Feb. 13, 2007 at 9pm

Correspondent Lowell Bergman examines the relationship between the Bush administration and the press; the controversies surrounding the use of anonymous sources from Watergate to the present; and the unintended consequences of the Valerie Plame investigation -- a confusing and at times ugly affair that ultimately damaged both reporters' reputations and the legal protections they thought they enjoyed under the First Amendment.

News War: Secrets, Sources & Spin (Part II)
Feb. 20, 2007 at 9pm

The series continues with a look at the legal jeopardy faced by a number of journalists. Correspondent Lowell Bergman interviews reporters facing jail for refusing to reveal their sources and asks how much the press can reveal about secret government programs in the war on terror without jeopardizing national security. FRONTLINE examines how much of this battle is politics and whether such reporting actually harms national security.

News War: What's Happening to the News
Feb. 27, 2007 at 9pm

(90 min) The third part of News War puts viewers on the front lines of an epic battle over the future of news. Correspondent Lowell Bergman talks to network executives, journalists, Wall Street analysts, bloggers, and key players at Google and Yahoo! who are all battling for survival and market dominance in a rapidly changing world of news. FRONTLINE also goes inside the embattled newsroom of The Los Angeles Times."


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