Propaganda & Mass Persuasion: When Images Compete as Fiercely as Armies

Sunday, April 23, 2006

When Images Compete as Fiercely as Armies

In "When Images Compete as Fiercely as Armies" by Jefferson Morley he discusses how the different TV media portrays the war and why. He shows similarities and differences between the Middle-Eastern and American news networks. The 1991 Gulf War was seen through the U.S. based CNN which was founded by Ted Turner, and now there are 20 Arab and American TV networks covering the war. The coverage of the war by the Middle East showed images that were horrifying, with children who died during an American attack that had no head. There are so many competing viewpoints and the American media does not have enough power to control the way people feel. There are way too many competitors for the American government to influence or control people. "The American government is now under political and public opinion pressure." They think that the effects of the media coverage will be used on the battlefield. They feel that as the war starts, new images will arise to show the way the propaganda war will go. Iraqi TV may be turned off because the U.S. is looking to be dominate. Either way you look at it, the media is not giving you the full story anyway of the war, on neither the Arab or American TV stations. It is hard to say who is to blame on the coverage on the war because it could just be that the public is just not interested in what is going on. In a way the media is to blame for not showing full coverage of the war because they are not giving the public the realities, and most of the time the public doesn't know the difference. I mean the public can't really play on what it really going on because they are not on the battlefield. They can only go by what the media gives them. I think though that the public is interested to an extent because if they weren't the networks wouldn't be so concerned about what images they are displaying.


Blogger A. Mattson said...

A good post.

The key point is that the U.S. government faces a very difficult situation which it cannot control. The struggle to influence world opinion is much more difficult because of the explosion of world news media competing for the attention of audiences around the world. The American news media has a lot of competition now that did not exist ten years ago. That makes managing our image extremely difficult. Al Jazeera is just one example of this competition for world opinion.

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