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Thursday, April 20, 2006

Media; Hearts, Minds and Satellites

In the article Media; Hearts, Minds, and Satellites by Rutenberg he explains that CNN showed an exclusive look at a bombing dropped on Kabul , a videophone tape this. This was very importnant to CNN. There are a lot of other news channels as well competing with every other channel for people to watch their newtwork. "After the Spetember 11 attack CNN saw an immediate chance for redemption; its longest news executives, cringing ata future filled with heavy coverage of shark attacks and Congressional sex scandals, saw an oppertunity for re-direction". During the Gulf War CNN was the only 24 hour news channel but not anymore. Fox News Channel is trying to become its parent company News Corporation. Like CNN is to Aol Time Warner which is a global news with an international reach. MSNBC'S corespondest Ashleigh Banfield who is getting all the media attention. When it use to be CNN Christiane Amanpour. CNN average audience is 1.8 million up since August. Fox News has 1.1 million also up and lastly MSNBC, has 900,000 also went up from 229,000. Also CNN is allowed to spend high money to get the story when at one point they weere worried about budget cuts. "On September 11, CNN was the only news network that already had correspondents in Afghanistan". Eason Jordan is the chief news excuitive. Jordan wanted to strike a deal with Al Jezeera an Arabic language nework. This made the other networks mad. Usually when I want to watch the news I turn to Fox News first and then to CNN. I bet its very hard for these 24 hour networks to go against one another to get views to watch their network. Its interesting to see how each one does compete and how each network.


Blogger A. Mattson said...

There is a lot of information in this post, but you need to develop you argument. What point are you trying to make? Does any one of these networks offer enough coverage to make sense of what is happening in Iraq? What is wrong with CNN having a working relationship with Al Jazeera? What does the changing corporate ownership picture tell us about these news operations?

4/24/2006 10:12 PM  

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