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Wednesday, April 19, 2006

No News Is No News

This article talks of the Pentagons restrictions on the media during the Gulf War. The writer speaks of how the censorship from the "Guidelines for News Media" is causing journalist to distort what is really happening in the war to the public. He feels that there is an "Absence of the effort by the American military to confirm or deny such rumors" that the media is being given, therefore putting them in a compromising position. If they report a false story it effects their credibility to the public. Sometimes I feel it's good to have all the facts and show as much of the war as you can. But then again how much is too much? Aside from what maybe ethical to show- what more does the media want? A day to day plan of what we're planning to do. It maybe just me but sometimes I wonder how much you really can show through the media. Sometimes when I watch the President speak of his plans for the war and what the next steps will be- I always think- What if Saddam or even a terrorist is watching this? We just gave them too much information. As in the article he speaks of a reporter who was allowed to report on the Manhattan Project but wasn't able to release the story until after the bombings. If it would have been public knowledge they would have known our plan. It may seem stupid on my part but I feel that sometimes it's better not to know too much about the war-at least until it's over and becomes part of history-then at that point I feel all the facts should be available so we can learn from our mistakes.


Blogger A. Mattson said...

Your position would require a complete trust in the government and the military to wage war in secrecy. That is a difficult position to support because the success of our demcracy in peace and in war relies on public scrutiny as a check on power. What we do rely on is a press corps that understands how to censor itself when it comes to national security. One fact that should come out of these readings is that the military and the press work together to control access to sensitive material inorder to protect our armed forces and their objectives.

4/24/2006 9:14 PM  

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