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Sunday, April 16, 2006

Press and Military: Old Suspicions

In R.J. Apple Jr's article he talks about covering the gulf war. "More than 500 journalists assigned to cover the war express intense dissatification with the quality of information furnished to them by the United States command and even more with the restritctions on their ability to go see for themselves" This quote states that these journalists who are covering the war are dissatifised with the information that is given to them. They are also mad that they are placed with retrictions and are not allowed to go see it for themsleves. The article states and talks about the pool system. The Pentagon set this up where a small numbers of reporters are allowed, under military escort to go to permitted areas. During this time the others wait for them to come back and give them the news for them to get a story. Although, the problem with this is the pool reporters had arrived late. Only a few reporters were permitted to go to the ground field. No reporters where allowed to go to Khafji so they got their information from the staff officials far from the scene. On the other hand the best information came from Khafji when reporters and photographers came by themseleves violating the pentagons rules. "After this Col William Mulvey at the Pentagon said that he would increase the number of pools to allow more reporters to join ground troops and generally improve acess".


Blogger A. Mattson said...

The pentagon had to provide enough information through the pool system so that the reporters wouldn't be tempted to stray and look for their own stories through unilateral coverage.

The Pentagon wants the reporters to consider them as partners in the coverage of the war. Remember the military needs cooperation from the american media to reach the public so it must serve the media need for a constent flow of imgages. What are the old suspicions that the article mentionns?

4/17/2006 10:27 PM  

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