Propaganda & Mass Persuasion: GOOD NEWS OR NO NEWS

Monday, April 17, 2006


In the article Pentagons strategy for the press: Good news or No news written by James LeMoyne he speaks of the different sorts of restrictions they had during the Gulf war. It seemed the Pentagon only wanted the reporters to report only certain kinds of stories. “Pentagon press officers warned reporters who asked hard Questions that they were seen as “anti Military” and that their requests for interviews with senior commanders and visits to the field were in jeopardy”. How do we as a public expect to get the truth from our media if our government is censoring them? They need to ask the hard questions so we as the public get to know the facts. Hasn’t our governments figured out no matter how much they try to keep the truth from us during these wars are eventfully going to come out. So why can’t they just tell us the truth for the get go. It will save them the headaches later. Do they really believe that they can forever keep the truth under wraps? No right? So why not just tell the truth.


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