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Tuesday, April 11, 2006

No News is No News

The Gulf War was not the only battle going during the early 90’s. There was another waging on American soil. That was the between the Pentagon and the Press. The United States government enforced heavy censorship prier, during, and after the war. It was I quote “A matter of national Security.” This was the way in which the government was able to funnel to the American people the information that they wanted them to hear and know. The Gulf war was one that was well planned, it was precise, technologically advanced, accurate and swift. Such was the propaganda and information that was released to the American people. The struggle that was experienced by the press was a difficult not only because of the limitations that was placed on them by censorship, but because of their own desire to gain power and economic greed. CNN was caught between a rock and a hard place I believe. Although it was only given limited and shallow blurbs and clips of information it did not make this clear to the American people. It is the duty of the media to fight for the right to free access of information for the American people. However, the government used CNN like a puppet. The Pentagon forwarded CNN first it’s analyzes of the war and vague information. CNN was forwarded maps and clips of the advanced technology for our clean cut war. It was given right to every press conference and every retired War General. For two months CNN and all other 24 hrs news networks rating sky rocketed therefore, there was no conversation about what they did not know. That would not help ratings…

John Anthony Termini


Blogger A. Mattson said...

A good substantive post. Becareful how you use the word censorship. It has a very specific meaning. The policies of the department of defense did end up limiting the media's access to the war and that may amount to censorship, but it is not literally censorship.

I think you last point is key. It is very difficult for the networks to admit that they don't have the information they need because they have to project an image of omniscience (sp?) and control of the situation. To admit they were shut out would have been a blow to their carefully crafted image.

4/11/2006 4:19 PM  

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