Propaganda & Mass Persuasion: George Creel-I am public opinion

Sunday, April 02, 2006

George Creel-I am public opinion

Creel persuaded the President to launch the Committee on Public Information. It was run by three cabinet members and Creel. They only met one time together and Creel listened to the cabinet member's advice and never spoke to them again. The Committee on Public Information was pretty much George Creel. The committee never touched censorship because censorship in the U.S. is something that is an unforced agreement managed and exercised by the press themselves. The goal of the Committee on Public Information was the creation of a desirous belief in the justice of America's cause that would force the American people into one white hot mass feeling with association, commitment, courage, and deathless determination. Creel believe in the war will. In a democracy, he kept that will depended upon the degree to which each one of all the people can focus and honor body, spirit, and soul in a extreme effort of service and sacrifice. Creel made the Four Minute Men. He made the volunteers make speeches about pro-war. They were on movie screens before the feature films saying that they are speaking for the Committee on Public Information and gave 4 minute speeches and threw in their own personal touch when they could. It was very successful and a more than a million men signed up without a protest.


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