Propaganda & Mass Persuasion: Chapter One

Friday, March 31, 2006

Chapter One

In Second Front, Chapter one it talks about the pool system. It talks about how the pool system works and how is involed. They used the pool system becuase it was a cheaper way for the economy and at the same time allowed a certain amount of reporters to go to the battle field. It allowed few reporters to go to the battlefield and then come back and tell their story to other reporters as well. It was cheaper to do this becuase they needed protection from the military and the less reporters the less military soliders needed to protect them while on the battle field. Another thing he was talking about in the chapter was air wars. The Gulf war, Desert storm, and Panama War had air wars. They did air wars first becuase it was a little safer to do becuase less soilders would get killed. The media really didnt like this becuase they didnt get a lot or any coverage on the war. They liked when the war was on the ground becuase they would get the information they needed. The military also had to deal with the press in other ways, they needed to worry that every time they had a plan the press would figure it out and the military would have to come up with another plan.I think the pool system sounds like a great idea and is economically a wise idea, I mean they are going to get a story so why bring all the reporters and spend so more money when they only really need a couple to get the full coverage.


Blogger A. Mattson said...

It is difficult to say that the press "liked when the war was on the ground." The media will cover what they have to cover. Air war's are harder to cover in general because our press usually does not have access to the locations where the bombs are dropped. Nor would it be safe for them to be there. This makes it harder to assess the damage inflicted by airpower.

The reason that it is not wise to rely on a small number of pool reporters is that it takes many war correspondents to really capture a true representation of the chaos of war. Pools operating far from the front are not sufficient.

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