Propaganda & Mass Persuasion: Hotel Warriors

Friday, March 31, 2006

Hotel Warriors

In Hotel Warriors the author talks about the War. It talks about how the press is trying to get coverage in every way. Since they didnt want the reporters to be on the battle field they did most of their interviweing with the soilders at the Posh hotels in Riyadh or Dhahran. They said in the book every war has a favorite hotel. " Every war produces a favorite hotel, and this one was right in the middle of the airport where U.S. troops were flowing in twenty four hours a day". (pg 3)They would interview the soilders when they came back from the battle field. They media would try every way to be nice to the soilders so they would get a report. Their were some reporters who had went indepentently and violated the pool system rules by going to the battle field unescorted and within a 100 miles, these reporters were called unilaterals. These people took a huge risk to go to the battle grounds. They also provided the first news of the prewar. The battle of Khafji and Kuwait City, and beat the pool system by a whole day. In this chapter Fialka shows us how a war is very important to the media and how the media will try everything they can to beat the system and get the coverage of the war as quick as possible.


Blogger A. Mattson said...

By the end of the war the media was fed up with the pool system and more and more news operations were going off the reservation and employer "unilaterals." This was the end of the pool system as an effective means of containing the media.

4/05/2006 11:18 PM  

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