Propaganda & Mass Persuasion: Women in World War II

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Women in World War II

I feel bad for some of the women workers in World War II. Many sacraficed a lot to get into the positions they were in and mnay learned some very important skills. Yet, after the war was over, so was their new "career." Noone would hire them and they were forced to jsut go back and be housewives or go back and work in restaurants for the bare minimum pay. I feel the woman of WWII were very strong and courageous, however, I think its horrible that they were basically "used" for the years of th war and then just thrown back out in the end. I know some were happy to do this-at least that was what was shown by the media. But I know it wasn't true in every case. Especially for women who lsot loved ones in the war. Now that soldiers were returning, they were taking over the jobs the women had been in. These women who lost loved ones were now responsible for providing their families, but they couldn't do so being paid minimum wages in a restaurant. The sad part was many had the skill sbut noone would give them anymore opputunity after thye weren't "needed" anymore.


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