Propaganda & Mass Persuasion: Comments on Rosie the Riveter

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Comments on Rosie the Riveter

On the movie, Rosie the Riveter talked about the role of women during the war time. Once Pearl Harbor was bombed and America went the war, the towns and cities were lacking men. Jobs needed to be filled and there was no one to take them. America sent out mass amounts of propaganda to convince women to take the jobs of men. Women who wanted to work went through a quick learning period then push right into the work force. Women were now doing the work of men with jobs such as, welding, building aircrafts, and all kinds of factory work.

Once the war was over the propaganda of nation completely changed. It changed from pushing women into the world field to pushing them out. Men came home and was promised jobs but the women who had these jobs had formed unions and were really enjoying their new roles in American society. The propaganda was now to promote the woman's role in the home. They used items like children were growning up bad without the woman in the home and the men needed to be taken care of. The women of the nation were basically used to replace men and then push aside when the men returned.


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