Propaganda & Mass Persuasion: rosie the riveter

Thursday, March 16, 2006

rosie the riveter

i thought the film was a very real view into what life was like for the woman during the war. i think what troubled me the most was the amount of racism that was continuously prevalent in the workforce. what bothered me further was the way women were viewed. even though they were working and doing for themselves, employers made it very clear that the women were only there because the men were at war. And it was stated that these females will go back to where "they belong" after the men returned which is at home with the children. the social roles were very rigid up until that point. the females didnt even make as much as the men did in first place and the black women earned even less. It was much to my dismay to see the struggles that women of color had to endure at that time. It makes me wonder what my grandmother must have through because my grandfather was a WWII veteran. it must have been extremely difficult.


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