Propaganda & Mass Persuasion: CLASS MOVIE ROSIE THE RIVETER

Friday, March 17, 2006


Movie Rosie the riveter

This movie truly defined the role women were supposed to take in the work force. Women's work in factories during the war was essential. They were recruited with images of strong women like Rosie the Riveter. As we learned in class images are very powerful and persuasive. As we learned from creel and others symbols are extremely successful as well. With Rosie she portrayed a women that was extremely appealing and that every one wanted to resemble. Not only did Rosie persuade women to go into this different work force she also commemorates and interprets the important contributions that women made to the war effort as increasing numbers of men joined the armed services. I didn’t know whether to consider how the women’s jobs were contrasted to jobs at home a stereotype or just the truth. Ex. Contrasting welding to sewing. It was also pretty unjust that the black women were earning less than the white women for doing the same job. There was a great deal of racism that took place in that time period. But I believe this movement; with the woman’s work force was the beginning of change. The blacks worked with the whites and the women worked with the men side by side. People may not have been treated equally but many vital points were proven. The women going to work in the work force proved they were just as qualified and talented as men, if not better. If the propaganda never were created women wouldn’t have been persuaded and would have kept to their norm. This would have been a negative thing because not only were they needed because of the war; I believed they paved a positive future for equality of women. Even thought they were disappointed that they had to return to their old duties when the war was over. It was a gradual change that took time.


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