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Saturday, March 04, 2006

Wartime, Precision Bombing Will Win The War

I read Wartime chapter two, Precision Bombing Will Win The War. It was an intersting read. Knowing and learning that the United States went to precision bombing in a hope that that will win the war for them. The weapon used for precision bombing was a B-17 Flying Fortress, known to be the best and most powerful bomber ever built! This was true because this particular bomber was built and equipped with an incredibly accurate Norden bomb sight, which hits a twenty five foot circle from twenty thousand feet.
Safety was stessed to the bombers when operating this piece of macinery. Since the height was so vast the bomber crews were able to go out and perform bombing raids in broad daylight. It was able to do this with great margin for safety than any other bomber made at that time. Other bombers back then proved to be extremely inaccurate. When other bombers went out only one in ten bombers came within five miles of his target.
Alot of people thought that bombing alone could win the war. Like Sir Arthur Harris, head of RAF Bomber Command felt that bombing alone could defeat Germany. General Spaatz was another one who felt this. He said that "Bombing can reduce to the point of surrender any first-class nation now in existence, within six months..." Some bombing efforts didn't turn out the way the allies might of hope. In the operation COBRA which was the code name for the air assault that was suppossed to break up German ground troops on the Normany beach head near Saint-Lo. The operation was suppossed to weaken the German defenders and have the allied powers march foward against them with great ease. It turned out to be a disaster. The bombing through a communication foul up the bombing took place a day before it was suppossed to take place. And the raid killed twenty five Americans and wounded one hundred and thirty one. The next day when the operation presumed it was even worse. This time one hundred and eleven men were killed, including Lt. General Lesley McNair, who was observing from a forward position. And almost five hundred wounded this time around. Nevertheless after COBRA General Eisenhower said never again would their be air raids to assist ground troops. Precision bombing taught both sides that who ever made the most mistakes bombing from the sky would lose the war.


Blogger A. Mattson said...

What point was Fussell trying to make with this chapter? What is his argument about war and "precision"? How precise were our bombers? How does this relate to propaganda?

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