Propaganda & Mass Persuasion: Remembering Rosie

Thursday, March 02, 2006

Remembering Rosie

In this article, it talks about the World War II and how she is a child whose parents lives were shaped and changed by the war. She also talks about how she was a child growing up in the ninteen sixties. She goes on to say about the bombing of Hiroshia and Nagaskai. Lastly, she goes on about the changing roles of women during World War II. A war adveristing council created ads to promote women to enter the work force and armed force during the war. It goes on to talk about magazines and how they supported "womanpower" campaigns especially since its audience was female. Magazines also took control in anticipating the need for daycare centers.Companies were devoting their advertistment on household appliances. One for instance was, a eureka vacuum was an example of showing women's war work.Women were as well doing male jobs such as working at Wayne gas and Kelly Tires. The film "Rosie The Riviter" talks about women during the war. It shows ad campigns showing women outside the home, working in the labor force, and taking over males jobs. Women took over during the war, they needed to open up a daycare center while they went off for the day to work. Women finally got the oppotunity to be able to be outside the home and work and some women even did male jobs such as working on planes. This helped to change the role of women allowing them to work in the outside world. Most of the women in the film enjoyed working outside the home. It was definitly a time of change for women during World War II


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A good, substantive post.

The wartime advertising council working in partnership with the media created an endless stream of images of woman engaged in war work. The relationship between femininity and work had to be redefined to make war work acceptable to the public. Economic incentives were important but the ideas about gender roles had to be stretched to fit the new situation. These images were created with the input of the OWI, but much of came from the fertile imagninations of media & advertising professionals.

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