Propaganda & Mass Persuasion: "What Did You Do Today...For Freedom"

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

"What Did You Do Today...For Freedom"

This whole packet that has the picture of the fallen soldier on the cover focuses mostly on the war effort back home. The advertisements target mostly the women and children by telling them what is expected of them and that everyone needs to do their part for the war. It also talks how the little things like making sure there is enough leisure time, as well as other activities, helps the troops that are over on the war front somehow. The advertisements talk about how buying bonds and stamps will help the war effort as well and say that you aren't American if you don't buy these bonds and stamps to help out the boys on the front. I can see how buying liberty bonds would help the troops because the bonds raised money for supplies and I believe that it was very smart to put wanted ads in along with advertisements for daily items used in the house. I think that these tactics used in advertisement definetly helped the war effort back during that time. In modern times thankfully we have armed forces that are ready to protect us and we are willing to go on with our daily lives without almost any change.


Blogger A. Mattson said...

What have we done for freedom today?

We don't see messages like these today because the war on terror is a much smaller war when compared to the scale of the world wars. We are not being called upon to make the same kinds of sacrifices that the population faced during WWII, so much less persuasion is required. What do you think about the relationship between advertising and propaganda during WWII? There was a patriotic partnership that evolved when the adverstising media turned their talents to selling war on the homefront and selling an American way of life as well.

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