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Sunday, February 19, 2012

The Playbook Isn't Working

The Republican presidential nomination of 2012 has proved to be a unique political primary, to say the least, in the history of GOP primaries. 
On Sunday, February 19, 2012 the following article appeared in Newsday:

This article points out the importance that the Republican super-Pacs play in a presidential candidacay race.  According to the article, superPacs are crucial to a candidate's ability to stay alive in a political race because "they can accept unlimited contributions from individuals, corporations and unions."  As a potential nominee, the super-Pacs provide "life beyond your quarterly filings." 

In addition, the media is playing a significant role in the outcome of voters opinions regarding the candidates.  "Nineteen televised debates have given this debate a reality TV dimension."  Media coverage is bringing the race into living rooms all over America. 

It's not over until it's over...


Although Mitt Romney appears to be winning the GOP race to date according to the numbers, it is by far, over.  Arizona, Michigan and Washington State are next on the upcoming agenda.  Recently, Romney has spent much of his funding on the upcoming primary in the state of Michigan, claiming personal ties to the state as a selling point for his nomination.

Who will come out on top?  According to the Gallup Republican Primary Nomination Poll in competitive races from 1952-2008, the front-runner usually emerges as the winner.

Gallup Republican Primary Nomination Polls: Competitive Races, 1952-2008

 Only time will tell if this history repeats itself in the 2012 Republican primaries and the respective candidates that are battling over the 1,144 delegates needed to become the winner!


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