Propaganda & Mass Persuasion: Not only was he born in Hawaii, He's Funny...

Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Not only was he born in Hawaii, He's Funny...

Holding a position in the government is beyond important, and to be taken extremely seriously. Especially when the position is head of state; The President. As many can probably agree president Obama has gone through it all (As i'm sure every other president has), from low points to high points especially recently with the capture and victory of Osama Bin Laden's death. However, somewhere in between serious matters time to address those who seem to have malicious intent, always deems important. After weeks of attacks from Republican Donald Trump denouncing President Obama's American citizenship, the President willingly displayed his Hawaiian birth-certificate in front of a group of his counterparts during, the annual White house Correspondents dinner. Along with the display came a round of jokes during his speech, even Trump had to laugh at. Looking back at President Bush's 2008 Correspondents dinner where he stood in front of his audience with another actor by his side mocking his twin, the Presidents show a wittier, humorous side many aren't used to seeing.
As Obama indirectly and directly addressed Trump with matters such as Trump focusing on the serious issues, from whether the moon landing actually happened to "where are Biggie and Tupac?"; chuckles and laughs circulated the room and the camera crew focused on the only other star of the room (Aside from Obama) Trump.



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