Propaganda & Mass Persuasion: Obama's "YouTube Presidency"

Friday, May 13, 2011

Obama's "YouTube Presidency"

Since before President Obama was elected into office, he and his team saw the importance of social media on the success of his campaign. Now, as President of the U.S Obama continues to use different forms of social media to connect with the American people. During his campaign Obama recognized the power of YouTube and had more than 1,800 videos uploaded to Obama now maintains an entire staff who is devoted to new media and his operations team has supplied YouTube with Obama's "Your Weekly Address" videos. The channel is a regular most subscribed/most viewed among YouTube's users. The administration has also uploaded many other interesting clips such as Obama's signing of a public-land-protections bill. Obama has used the internet to his advantage, unlike former President George Bush, who's YouTube videos are mostly composed of parodies or TV news clips. The administration does take some risks with the videos it makes and releses. However, overall the general public has responded positively to these YouTube videos and hopefully they will continue to come throughout the rest of his Presidency.

Here is Obama's most recent YouTube Video:


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