Propaganda & Mass Persuasion: The Problem With Wal--Walmart

Thursday, April 23, 2009

The Problem With Wal--Walmart

“ One of the most organized, most sophisticated , most expensive corporate campaigns ever launched against a single company.” This was one of the comments that an executive of Wal-Mart said regarding all the negative propaganda about the company. However, the question is whether the executive is telling the truth or not? One of the many articles and documentaries that has been done against Wal-Mart tells a different story. In an article written by Liza Featherstone explain that the company was and is doing the following:
“Firing whistleblowers. Discriminating against women ( and most recently, black truck drivers). Violating child labor laws. Locking workers into stores overnight. Mooching off taxpayers. Disregarding local zoning laws. Mistreating immigrant janitors. Abusing young Bangladeshi women. Paying poverty level wages in the United States. Destroying small—town America. “
Obviously the executive was trying to justify the company that he works for. Many of the things that has been said about Wal—Mart is true. For instance the company is destroying (small town America) of course this is true. When the company opens a huge store in a small town the majority of the business suffer as a result of having a giant company coming into their town. Why ? Well the reason is that most of this small business lose a lot of their client because Wal—Mart has it all. In addition, most of the people decide to go to shop to Wal—Mart because the small owner cannot compete with their prices. Many times, Wal—Mart offers special and lower price product that average consumer is attracted too. And so a lot of this businesses are shot down because it is impossible to compete with this giant corporation.
Another problem with Wal—Mart is that they hired a lot of immigrants and pay them lower wages. The reason for hiring undocumented immigrant is because the company tries to pay this people very low and saved as money as possible. This is clearly an abuse to the immigrant community. This is just two example of the problems with this company. I wonder to myself how far is willing to go in keep abusing their power and if they are going to stop the abuse?


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