Propaganda & Mass Persuasion: New Media Presidency

Thursday, April 30, 2009

New Media Presidency

The YouTube Presidency - Virginia Heffernan

President Barack Obama is the first president to take advantage of the advances in the media. He is president during the times where everything can be found on the Internet and he know the importance of this. President Obama has connected greatly with the younger generation and this is because of his use of the technologies such as YouTube. Virginia Heffernan explains how the Obama presidency has created a new staff devoted to managing President Obama's appearances on the Internet.

Heffernan also explains that President Obama always has a prompter for when he makes any type of speech. Many may find fault in this by thinking that by using the prompter we don't really get to see the real side of President Barack. "He's almost never caught winging it." I believe that it is good that he uses a teleprompter, it leaves no room for mistakes.

President Obama is also the first President to be on a late night television show. President Obama is using all of these as techniques to create a more personable presidency, and it is working. Now when one YouTube's President Obama there are so may videos that come up and this gives the people more access to knowing what our president has to say. He is starting a good trend for leaders to come.


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