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Thursday, February 19, 2009

Next right make a left

It seems like business have more control over law making today than politicians. Politicians don't seem to care about what laws they pass or if they cut taxes or not because they usually don't pay taxed and usually don't follow the laws. All they seem to care about is money in their pockets. "Big business" knows what direction they want certain laws to go and it's always in their favor and helps their business. Obama started his campaign off saying he wasn't going to accept money from private investors but that didn't last too long now did it? It doesn't matter what side of the table a politician is sitting on, left or right, they are all human and have the same ambitions. No side is better than the other.

"You have only to write an article about some piece of corruption in order to find yourself the target of innumerable correspondents, urging you to publish their wrongs. The sense of conspiracy and secrets scheming which transpire is almost uncanny. "Big Business," and its ruthless tentacles, have become the material for the feverish fantasy of illiterate thousands thrown out of kilter by the rack and strain of modern life."("The Themes of Muckraking,pg. 249" Lippmann, Walter)

I am very proud to see America has made it this far and elected a black president. But I do not feel he was put in office for the right reasons. I feel he might have been put in office specifically to fail. Things aren't looking as good as they seemed in November.


Blogger A. Mattson said...

Interesting discussion but I don't see the connection between the Lippmann quotation and your analysis.

What does this have to do with Obama? What does it have to do with your discussion of business and politicians?

2/23/2009 9:57 PM  

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