Propaganda & Mass Persuasion: Arthur Bullard's Pursue of Publicity

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Arthur Bullard's Pursue of Publicity

To accomplish his goal, Bullard proposed that the government should,

"organize a publicity bureau, which constantly kept before the public the importance of supporting the men at the front. It would requisition space on
the front page of newspapers, it would call for a draft of trained writers to feed Army stories to the public, and it would create a Corp of Press Agents. This is in order to make a democracy fight wholeheartedly."

America must, Bullard concluded, organize "propaganda campaigns to make the
struggle comprehensible and popular." Unless our will to win is
passionate and determine, our Army and Navy will accomplish little.

Arthur Bullard's theory of government publicity from progressive journalism seeks its foundation to American unity. It is actually true that support in times of hardship actually brings will and eventually victory. Bullard's theory stimulates public opinion.

So I agree with his thoughts and views of Americans needing to know government views and suggestions on war, it brings unity to a whole instead of unity amongst the the higher power. it is said that "a unit that fights together; rejoices together but, a unit that is singled powered crumbles." - Coach Pat Riley(NBA Hall of Fame) This theory will motivate the hence of views, and people will eventually start to think as one. It actually shapes out with Lippman's theory in Chapter 4 of social science, "refining the problem & it will solve itself."

PR! Stuart Ewen-Chapter 6 pages 102-108


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