Propaganda & Mass Persuasion: The New Accent of Authority

Thursday, February 26, 2009

The New Accent of Authority

The accent of authority in 1915 was the animation of the new "movie", devised by Commodore J. Stuart Blackton. In this "film pageant" it shows the bombardment and invasion of New York City and the horros that the people is subjected too. This is one of the first propaganda tools used at the turn of the century to persuade people by affecting their emotions. It plays on the notion that America isn't prepared to be in a war, therefore if we were to come under attack we would definately be damaged as a whole.

In the opening of chapter six, Ewen starts off with placing us at a "movie house." Immediately, right before the movie starts to show, a man casually walks up to the front of the stage and gives a speech. A very passionate speech about the war,

" While we sit here tonight, enjoying a picture show, are you aware that thousands and thousands of people in europe-people not unlike ourselves-are languishing in slavery inder Prussian master?" (Stuart Ewen, PR page 102)

This stunt may look random to most, however what the poeple do not kno is that this same stunt is happening all over the country in a very similar gathering of people.

While at the picture shows, you see the horrible images of our men falling short, bombs falling over the historic Times Square and homes going up in flames and a great deal more. All is to work on the emotions of the American people to persuade them into going into the war.

As you can see, this article was published in 1915. America didnt enter the war until 1917, i guess this type of propaganda had a major effect.


Blogger A. Mattson said...

Always describe the topic of your post clearly at the beginning of the post. In this case, the title of the movie would have been helpful, as well as a brief description. Then you can launch into your analysis.

Your discussion is thoughtful, but you need to make it easier for the reader to follow by presenting enough of the material under discussion so that your comments make sense.

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