Propaganda & Mass Persuasion: Embedded, And Taking Flak

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Embedded, And Taking Flak

Reporters like John Roberts of CBS are frustrated with criticism and flak from those who are tearing apart the Pentagon's embedding program for journalists. According to Washington Post Staff Writer Howard Kurtz:

"The 600 embedded correspondents have clearly braved difficult conditions to
bring viewers and readers the most vivid, compelling and instantaneous coverage in the history of war. But they are taking considerable flak for overly sympathetic reporting, dismissed by some as part of the military propaganda

Favoritism does exist amongst war officials and correspondents and it has been that way for many wars. ABC correspondent Ron Claiborne does not believe it undermines their objective. One questions whether the bonds the journalists share with the armed soldiers influence their reporting. The dangers these reporters face is evident during wartime and soldiers are there to protect them from the enemy.

The most prevalent criticism against embedded reporters is their narrow view of the war effort. Constant images and small battle reports may distort the viewers interpretation of the war. No one can deny the fact that this journalistic system is better than the pool system of the first Gulf war, where there were more limitations on the way journalists reported wartime.


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