Propaganda & Mass Persuasion: U.S Big Brother or Big Bully?

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

U.S Big Brother or Big Bully?

" We proceeded to distribute propaganda in the form of circulars amongst the people, telling them how good and holy we were and that, we had only come to take away their good government and make them work like the devil all the rest of their days: they had no intentions of eating their children, in fact canibalism had been abolished in our country some time since, and that we were going to set them an example of Godly snd upright living." (The Porto Rican Campaign)

Since the start of the United States this country is suppose to be the right way to live. The only problem with that is that who are we as Americans to say the way we think and run things is right? There is a differnce going into a country and taking their main natural recources and goods, and going and help a country which is in need. History shows that the U.S tends to go to smaller countries and take what we need and not really care about that country. That can be Using recources, putting our army there, taking or exporing products etc.Yes we do help countries we don't always just use them, but who are we to say if a country needs our help or not if they don't ask.
"The sole object of our presence will be to overthrow all your old and time-honored customs, and give to the people of your beautiful island, the largest amount or work and the smallest pay consistent with military occupation. We have not come to make war upon you, but on the contrar, to protect you and your property for our rich beholders and speculators" (The Porto Rican Campaign)

I feel like this is happening now with the whole thing in Iraq. I feel like this is the reason many countries around the world hate us. It's not just because they envy what we have but they don't want us to go and supposedly HELP their country. By helping them we might cripple them in the long run.


Blogger Chris J. Semelrath said...

Big Rob, you're forgetting one major thing in your argument: the American Dream-the Almight Dollar. Although history does show our country taking what we want at will from smaller countries, it is that idea in itself that that has made America the power that it is now. Without these ideas set into motion, our capital-and with it our power, would not be where it is today. Our country has the highest immigrant rate in the world, which is clearly where America gets the idea that, as you put it, we think the way we think and run things is right.

2/14/2007 1:34 PM  
Blogger A. Mattson said...

Both of you are raising important questions. Yes, our system is a great system of government, the envy of many in the world, and yes our attempts to impose on other nations has created a lot of hostility. But this class is about propaganda & mass persuasion. What does this satire of about our role in Puerto Rico say about the effectiveness of our messages about bringing freedom and democracy to that island nation?

2/15/2007 1:13 AM  

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