Propaganda & Mass Persuasion: I Disagree

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

I Disagree

"In the democratic age, wars can not be fought without the publics consent". I disagree with this statement that was from Primary documents:Far From Home. I think as we can plainly see back in 2003 when President Bush announced we were going to war with Iraq, this was not the case. Plenty of Americans protested that war, yet it went on anyway. I think that the people in charge make the decisions and the common, middle class taxpayers pay for it. As of now our deficit just keeps increasing and we keep printing out more money. This makes the dollar value go down and makes it even harder for people who were just getting by. Anyway not to get off the topic, people have always protested America going into war since the beginning. Vietnam was a very big example of radical sixties protesters pouring their heart and soul into their cause flooding the streets of Washington in an effort to get America out. If it were true that a war could not be fought without the publics consent then we would not be in Iraq right now. It cannot work that way because if the President needed everyone's consent, nothing would ever get done.


Blogger bdenoyer said...

I agree with you on this topic I think that it would be impossible to get anything done if the government did need the publics consent to go to war or do anything. I mean this is why we have elections and not just presidential ones I think that if people are so worried about issues instead of doing something that to me is not going to chnage anything they should go out and vote and get others to vote and put people who have the same values as them in places in the government where they can actually change things and make a difference.

2/13/2007 1:48 PM  
Blogger A. Mattson said...

How is public consent measured? Polls? Pundits? Voting? What evidence can find that the majority of Americans initially opposed the invasion of Iraq?

2/15/2007 1:05 AM  

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