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Monday, February 26, 2007

The House of Truth

Pg. 102 of House of Truth:

"If we are not vigilant, their fate could be ours. Now, then, do you folks here in Portland want to take the slightest chance of meeting Prussianism here in America? If not, then you'll have to participate in summoning all the resources of this country for the giant struggle. In addition to buying Thrift Stamps, and War-Savings-Stamps to support our boys overseas, we must also hold fast the lines here at home."

It is here where Virgil Williams, a local bank manager known to many in the audience at the theater, stands up between intermission and gives this speech to the people around him, letting him know just what is going on with the Great War in Europe. He is telling people, trying to put a scare into them, that, if they want to say save and not have to deal with Prussianism here in the United States, then they're going to have to support the war and our boys who are fighting the war. He was sending a message to the people around him that they should support the war, whether they wanted to or not because if they didn't and if they didn 't buy thrift stamps and war-savings-stamps, then they themselves would be introduced first hand to what our boys fighting the war have been going through all this time, and though many people didn't support the war, they didn't want that.


Blogger A. Mattson said...

Why did the author tell us this story? Did Virgil Williams do this on his own? What was the role of the CPI in all of this? What was in it for Virgil Williams?

2/28/2007 8:15 PM  

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