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Sunday, February 25, 2007

Speak for yourself

I read "I am Public Opinion" which was an advertisement for U.S. bonds. This ad basically says that if you don't buy the bonds, you are not supporting the troops which makes you unpatriotic. It doesn't matter how much you say you do, if you don't give money then anything else you do is disregarded. I don't think that is fair to anyone. Not everyone is able to give money but of course they are satisfied with living in the safety of the U.S. I believe there are other ways that you can support troops and no one has the right to tell anyone that they are being unpatriotic because you don't give monetary gifts. It's not possible for everyone to buy bonds.


Blogger A. Mattson said...

The fear of being seen as disloyal or not patriotic can be a powerful motivator.

It is true that not everyone could afford to buy bonds. Do you think that these messages about bonds would alienate people who couldn't afford to buy them?

2/25/2007 11:14 PM  

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