Propaganda & Mass Persuasion: Class Schedule 2/20-3/13

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Class Schedule 2/20-3/13

Propaganda in the Great War: The Committee for Public Information.
(Thursday 2/22, Tuesday 2/28)

(Th. 2/22): Stuart Ewen, “House of Truth.”
“New York Shelled on ‘Movie’ Screen,” NYT, 1915.
CPI documents: “The Issues of the War at a Glance,” 1918.
Four Minute Men Bulletin “Fourth Liberty Loan,” 1918.
Bulletin for Cartoonists, Oct. 5, 1918.
Selected Advertisements. 1918.
The Brownies Book, “America for All” 1920
(Th. 2/22): George Creel, “Public Opinion in Wartime,” 1918.
Edward Bernays, “Crystallizing Public Opinion,” 1925.
Walter Lippmann, from Public Opinion, & Phantom Public, 1922-5.

First Essay Due: Tuesday 3/6

Mobilizing the Homefront: Propaganda in the Good War
(Thursday 3/1, Tuesday 3/6, Thursday 3/8)

Paul Fussell, Wartime 1989: “Precision Bombing,”“Type-casting,” “Accentuate the Positive,” “With One Voice,” & “Deprivation.”
Maureen Honey, “Remembering Rosie: Advertising Images of Women in WWII,” 1995.
Excerpts from the OWI’s “Magazine War Guide,” 1943.
W.J. Weir, “Opportunity!” 1942.
Clyde Bedell, “Emotional War Copy,” 1942.
Helen Hibbard Dau, “The Lieutenant Changes his Mind,” 1945.
“Advertising in Wartime,” 1944.
Selected Magazine Advertisements,
Film: “Rosie the Riveter”

Media & Mass Society: Postwar America, Public Relation & Politics
(Tuesday 3/13)

Edward Bernays, “Engineering Consent,” 1947.
Robert S. Pears, “Public Relations Aspects of Postwar Planning,” 1943.
C. Wright Mills, “Mass Society” 1956.


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