Propaganda & Mass Persuasion: Plutocracy the United States Down Fall

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Plutocracy the United States Down Fall

In the article written by William Graham Sumner, he says " The great foe of democracy now and in the near future is plutocracy. Every year that passses brings out this antagonism more distinctly. It is to be the social war of the twentieth century. In that war militarism, expansion, and imperialism will all favor plutocracy."
Personally, I feel that Graham has some amazing foresight after reading his article. In todays society, the government of the United States has set up society to favor the wealthy class. Maybe they did not intentionally do this, but the wealthy have more say and control over major issues and conflicts occuring in our country. Having money provides people with more oppurtunites to get ahead and in the present day the middle and lower classes struggle every day to make a living for themselves and their families.
Next, Graham says, "they will call for a large public debt and taxes, and these things especially tend to make men unequal, because any social burdens bear more heavily on the weak than on the strong, and so make the weak weaker and the strong stronger. Therefore expansion and militarism are a grand onslaught of democracy."
Ultimately, this quote to me hits the nail on the head. With the war against terrorism in Iraq still ongoing our government in my opinion has underlying reasons for still being there. One big one to me is oil, which if nobody knew George Bush owns at least one oil company. The money that our government has invested in the war could be going to other important issues. Its no secret that the war has not gone the way we have seen fit, but nothing seems to be changing and our country keeps losing invaluable money that could be spent on other vital issues. Another fact about living on Long Island is that I know taxes have gone up every year and it is harder and harder to stay living here. Finally, I agree with Grahams' article and what he says "expansion and militarism" have endangered the citizens of this country. I would like to see these conflicts change for the better not only for myself, but for the other great citizens of this country.


Blogger A. Mattson said...

Sumner was no radical. He was actually a social conservative. He was at the same time opposed to the creation of an American empire, which he did believe to be a danger to democracy.

This is a class in propaganda & mass persuasion. What is persuasive about Sumner's appeal? How does it use the ideals of American democracy to argue against the occupation of the Philippines?

How does the appeal to "equality" work in this argument? What does this appeal tell us about the issue of "plutocracy" during that era?

Would an appeal to the danger of "plutocracy" work today? What about the use of "oil" in the debate over the war today? How does labelling this an "oil war" help anti-war activists today?

2/25/2007 9:51 PM  

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