Propaganda & Mass Persuasion: The importance of air wars

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

The importance of air wars

One key thing that is discussed both in Second Front as well as in our class is the topic of air wars. This was probably the most important phase of the Gulf War. In desert storm, the air war began on January 15, 1991. This air war was very high tech and devastaeing to the enemy. The importance of air wars and the reasoning behind them was that they were a bit safer and less of our soliders would die. Therefore the US can attack and have nearly no casualties. No casualties gives the media nothing to report. This is important from the media perspective because Americans would see less soldiers dying. An air wars allows the military to take complete control of the airspace. Only after this is accomplished does the ground war begin. However, the air war should go on as long as possible. Once ground troops are brought in the war is automatically open to scrutiny.


Blogger Misun Lee said...

I think you have summed up the point very well. Air war was an effective strategy of limiting the coverage. In fact, lesson in Vietnam war was that they couldn't deal with the media coverage on pictures of killed and wounded bodies. In terms of media coverage of war, it is much more difficult for the media to cover air war since journalists can't be there. As you mentioned, time is everything in war. Truth will come out when the war is over. But when the war is over, they don't have to worry about the coverage anymore, since government no longer need people to support the war.

4/04/2006 2:30 PM  
Blogger Hezellig said...

It almost sounds as if you think that the air war was implemented to prevent media coverage and as an effective military strategy secondarily.

4/05/2006 10:11 PM  
Blogger A. Mattson said...

The air war is first an effective military strategy for destroying the enemies capacity to defend its territory. The fact that it limits media coverage is just icing on the cake. In a democracy the longer media scrutiny can be postponed means more time that the military has to wage war without the risk of a public backlash. Postponing the groundwar until the last moment is an effective strategy for containing media criticism.

4/06/2006 12:23 AM  

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