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Thursday, April 06, 2006

Hotel Warrior : The Pools

" The system had taken months of negotiations between the Pentagon and Washington bureau chiefs attempting to ensure fair access to the battlefield. It had been subverted with an imperial handshake." (pg.34) Is fair though defined as, writing what you see or writing what you think the military will find acceptable. The fear was that if you did write negative information you would not be given a chance to write further stories, let alone have an interview with General Schwarzkopf. Also the pool system had pools within itself, from the largest one such as the print pool to the smallest one being the radio pool.
Then we have the problem of not what you know but who you know in the case of Mr. Galloway, where General Schwarzkopf " ordered that a slot be quietly created " (pg.34) for him. To Mr. Galloway's credit " he was one of the few reporters set to Saudi Arabia with prior combat experience" (pg. 33). One reason for his being accepted and getting his work completed quicker than others was because his stories were always positive in nature with regards to the military.


Blogger A. Mattson said...

The intense negotions between the bureau chiefs and the pentagon tell us a lot about the relationship that exists between the military and the media. It is at once adversarial and collaborative. There are common interests and conflicts that need to be negotiated, and which evolve during the course of a war and which will be re-negotiated for the next war based on the experiences of this one. A social contract is created and violated and then scrapped as each side seeks and advantage. Watching how the Department of Defense maintains an upper hand in the relationship is fascinating.

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