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Thursday, April 27, 2006

Al Jazeera

In the Line of Fire by Carlson, his article breifly talks about Al Jazeera and Hafez Mirazi. "He is the Washington bureau chief of al-jazeera, the controversial Arab TV news network". Al Jazeera launched in 1996 it wanted to produce new programming. It would bring up things that Arab tv never discussed like government corruption , polygamy in the Arab world. This helped to open up a new way for the Arab's. "It opened up freedom of speech in the Arab world". Al Jazeera ia very popular and has an audience of 35 million and about 150,000 in the United States. Arabs are made becuase al-jazeera has interviews with Israeli and American officials. "Al-Jazeera's unpopularity with Arab governments nearly runined the network's plans to cover the war in Iraq, Mirazi says". Colin Powell and Richard Myers went on al-jazeera for a brief interview. Al jazerra is compared to the American networks on the war coverage. CNN and other American media only covers the American side. "And you'd find analysts speaking about the Iraqi perspective and the Arab side, you won;t find that on American television". That statement is very true when ever i would watch the news on the war i would always see the American side. If we wanted to talk and see things on the other side they would turn us to the Iraqi defense minister.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Al Jazeera is hard for us to judge because the programming is not in English. Most opinions are formed without anyone spending very much time actually watching Al Jazeera. In some ways it is very familiar because so much of the staff was trained by the BBC. The basic format of the station conforms to western ideas about news standards. The talk shows do provide a platform for extremism but that reflects the kinds of views circulating in the region. Are they being irresponsible for presenting the reactions of angry people reacting to our war? Can we fault FOX for airing the views of patriotic Americans supporting our president?

5/02/2006 12:19 AM  

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