Propaganda & Mass Persuasion: Right or Left in Journalism?

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Right or Left in Journalism?

Fox Portrays a War of Good and Evil, and Many Applaud

Is there right and wrong when is comes to journalism? Is there inhumanity and humanity within journalism? Do the news networks have an opinion? Are American journalist American?

Osama bin Laden, according to Fox News Channel anchors, analysts and correspondents, is "a dirtbag," "a monster" overseeing a "web of hate." His followers in Al Qaeda are "terror goons." Taliban fighters are "diabolical" and "henchmen."
This is a topic that has been related to every war that has ever taken place since the start of journalism. However, it has never been a center of controversy the way it has in this war. The “War on Terror,” and the “War for freedom,” is American’s war in the Middle East. It is our war, that we have created do to our patriotism for our country. The question is should it be our journalist’s war as well? I think this is a mute point and cannot be argued because as the documentary on Aljazeera said there is a “mirage” that blankets our sight. We are born indoctrinated with our western perspective, as others are indoctrinated with theirs. To say that our side is the right side is only what we know to be true. Therefore we can say that there are two sides of every story but at the moral heart beat of our society we can only HONESTLY see one side (USA) as the right, just, and truthful side. Do I mean in terms of political view? Absolutely not, I am talking about natural rights as Lincoln spoke of and as Fredrick Douglass proclaimed. I may live in the east coast and you may live on the west but we are all Americans. You may be a member of the left wing I a right wing conservative but we are all Americans. North vs. South civil war breaks out in America we were all still Americans. Although the civil battle we fight now has become far more complex and has become a battle of intellectual, and political propaganda. This war is about ratings and acts on multiple levels yet we are all still American. And as an American I am someone who is foreign not to my country but, to my history and ethnicity. I have been infused by the American ideal; I have been swept by the current of American propaganda. As Creel describes I feel as though everyone round me is being brain washed but I myself are free. However, the reality is I am trapped and that trap we coined the “American dream,” let’s not be naive. In the final analysis, Mr. Ailes said, "I don't believe that democracy and terrorism are relative things you can talk about, and I don't think there's any moral equivalence in those two positions." He added: "If that makes me a bad guy, tough luck.” “I'm still getting the ratings."

John Anthony Termini


Blogger Hezellig said...

The "American Dream" is Liberty and the ability to defend it when it is threatened.

4/27/2006 10:22 AM  
Blogger Mike Moore said...

Is unlimited power by the President to spy on citizens and imprison them without explanation liberty? Liberty is more then a slogan.

4/28/2006 12:59 PM  
Blogger Hezellig said...

First of all, what is that relative to, Mr. Confrontational, and second, let's have a list of those people you're talking about. And third, our liberty has been in jeopardy since way before the Bush family got into the White House. Let's see: taking 25%-30% of our money by force, preventing citizens from practicing freedom of religion (thanks to the Supreme Court and many state courts), preventing free speech and thought (hate crime legislation), ignoring due process of law began with Jimmy Carter, maybe even before, I could go on and on...

The point is, The American Dream is not some Madison Avenue Conglomeration's idea of a perfect life, it is the life fought for by the likes of George Washington, Thomas Jefferson and Ben Franklin, the Liberty to be left alone and to follow one's own dreams and passions without influence from money grubbing tax collectors and holier than thou do-gooders. If you think George W. Bush is the biggest problem this country faces, you are in for a sad, sad wake-up call.

4/28/2006 10:06 PM  
Blogger A. Mattson said...

Back to the orginal post: There is no moral equivalence between democracy and terrorism, but who said there was?

Yes, we are "all Americans" despite our political differences but the attempt of FOX commentators to reduce the complexity of the issues to a patriotic litmus test of us vs. them, good vs. evil, democracy vs. terrorism does not help the public understand just how complicated the world is these days. FOX news illuminates the conservative perspective and for that alone it is valuable, but relying on FOX alone for the news of the world is dangerous for the public and the president.

5/01/2006 11:50 PM  
Blogger Mike Moore said...

It is interesting that you mention Ben Franklin and George Bush in the same context, as it was Ben Frankling who said, "Those willing to give up essential liberities for temporary security, deserve neither liberty or security.”

An important distinction must be drawn between "defending liberty" and embarking on wars of foreign aggression that drain our coffers and our moral authority.

5/02/2006 1:46 PM  
Blogger Hezellig said...

Look, pal, you need to read better because I didn't use Ben Franklin and George Bush in anywhere near the same context. I'm saying that those infringements on liberty that everyone like to blame G.W. for were going on way before he came along. Pay attention.

As to the comment on simplification: Good and Evil is what it is all about! Who was right, George III or the colonists? They both thought they were but only one side could win. It is just as simple as that today as it was then.

5/04/2006 11:55 AM  

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