Propaganda & Mass Persuasion: When Images Compete as Fiercely as Armies By Jefferson Morley

Monday, April 24, 2006

When Images Compete as Fiercely as Armies By Jefferson Morley

After reading this article we learn aspects of the biases in Western and Middle Eastern journalism. Images truly are Competing as Fiercely Armies would, this is enabling the full truth to be exposed. Theres also so many more options for the public to choose from. “Now the world can choose from not only al-Jazeera, but other all-news channels, including the Abu Dhabi channel, which focuses on news in the Gulf states, and one-month-old al-Arabiya.". Just as Jefferson said its a lot different then the Gulf War in 1991, where the public counted on CNN and only CNN. But I think that the different coverage that’s out there shows a great deal how different people view the situation, and we learn their opinions. But it’s very hard for the government to manage the worlds various opinions. I never really thought about how complicating the media has got these days, now there’s so many various nations who are in competition with the United States for the coverage, to persuade the views about the war. Its just confusing to me because there’s so many different views sometimes you don’t know just how much truth you are getting.


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