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Wednesday, February 22, 2006

I am public opinion

"For long we have had the theory in in this country that we could dismiss out responsibilities to foriegner by gilb references to the melting pot but every man knows that the melting pot has not melted for years. Forieners came to this country with thier eyes upturned to the flag with hope that they were coming to a land of promise and we let them land at the dock with out an out streached hand to meet them". Creels basically admiting that they were treated unjust, but i dont think he really cares, hes just trying to convince them to be pro war. So they were aided and told they were granted citizenship if they participated. So was this a double victory, because it broke down assimilation and helped the war?, its sad it would take a war for one to gain rights i wonder what was more important to the immagrants to fight in the war to be an American or to aid Europe


Blogger A. Mattson said...

Creel was a complex character. Before 1917 he was a progressive newspaperman and publicist who worked to elect Woodrow Wilson. As a progressive he may well have cared about the conditions in the immigrant slums. He was trying to sell the war. And he was trying to sell Americanism and assimilation as the best thing for the nation, the war effort and for the immigrant masses themselves. Self interest, national interest, and altruism, all mixed together. But as to the exact proportions of each. . . It's hard to tell. Much of the rhetoric of the CPI was an extension of the progressive world view. Government as the agent of change and reform, even in wartime.

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