Propaganda & Mass Persuasion: The Growth of Expansion of Public Opinion

Thursday, February 16, 2006

The Growth of Expansion of Public Opinion

In this article, it talks on the issue of the newspaper. It states that newspapers are made to sell and a huge way of making this profit is by a war. " The important thing is that in war every moment may bring important and exciting news- news that does not need to be accuurate or bear sifting". For instance, today the war in Iraq has hands on news coverage almost everyday on something thats going on over there. Now a days we have news coverge twenty four hours a day on either Cnn,msnbc,cnbc, and fox news five. We hear news all day long and we can even get the news from the internet as well. The news is a huge effect in our daily lives especically right now with the war. We saw this in Godkin's article where he stated that the newspaper was a huge effect and a big way to make money. "War means daily sensation and excitment". This showed that war is important, money making, and a big seller and the biggest way for them to tell the story is to write about it in the paper. I know that I get the newpaper delivered everyday and see something on the war in Iraq at least talked about once.


Blogger A. Mattson said...

It is a complicated issue. On the one hand war increases circulation and audience size, at least for a while. On the other hand the coverage of a war is be enormously expensive. So we can't simply say that the media profit immediately from war, because there are huge costs associated with the coverage. The war does offer an opportunity for the media to attract new audiences, new readers to the news. The profitability will come if the news media can keep those new viewers after the war is over and sell their attention to advertisers on a long term basis and not just in a moment of crisis.

Also as this War on Terrorism drags on, it will be interesting to look at the ratings for the news shows that are covering the war in iraq, have people turned away and back to entertainment because the war is dragging on for years? Is the sense of urgency that many Americans felt after 9/11 gone? And with it our interest in news?

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