Propaganda & Mass Persuasion: Brooker T. Washington's "The Better Part"

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Brooker T. Washington's "The Better Part"

In this article it talks a lot about "the better part". The choice you make in life was that the best choice. For instance it talks about how the African Americans had a choice between dying or being put into slavery. He asks, was that the better part the best choice.
The article then talks about the British oppositon and American Independence. The slaves had to make a choice to either go with the British or go to the American side and fight for American Independence. The African Americans choice the American side and to fight for American Independence. The African Americans were going to fight a battle for the white people while they remained unfree and under slavery.
In the time of war the African Americans never once complained when they were hurt, hungery, had a fever, and when they got psyically hurt. The only request that they would ask is if a white solider was hurt fighting war, and a black solider would ask to replace them.
The African Americans never portrayed the Americans , and only did what they could to help them out.
Consequently, there was one more victory the Americans needed to win, but didn't. "We have suceeded in every conflict except in the effort to conquer ourselves in the blotting out of racial prejudice". This quote shows us that the African Americans were loyal to the Americans, they fought for them, they gave their bodies for them in battle and did this with no freedom. This shows loyalty and respect toward the Americans.
As Washington states in his article, he wanted to show us how loyal the African American's were and would be rewarded in some way. For instance "we of the black race shall not leave you unaided, we shall make teh task easier for you by acquiring property, habits of thrift, ecomony, intelligence, and character, by each making himself of individual worth in his ocmmunity". This explains that the African Americans will get their reward for the help, and loyalty to the Americans.
Lastly, no matter what it was, whether it be in war, peace, slavery, or freedom, the African American's were always loyal to the Stars and Stripes.


Blogger adayinminyan said...

good point, worth further discussion. considering all kinds of discrimination existing in society nowadays: gender, racial, to list the two most overt, we can't fail to realize how strongly human beings are sticking to their stereotypes, in another way, how easily they tend to take everything for granted. when fascism availed, the German people were considered the superior minority on earth. and through propaganda,this idea took deep root in people's minds and passed on generation after generation. then stereotype flourished and became the dominant culture which supresses those disadvantaged groups and causes them distress, poverty and disaster for centuries, and this can't be changed overnight.

2/09/2006 4:49 PM  
Blogger A. Mattson said...

Who is Booker T. Washington addressing? What is the purpose of this speech? What is he trying to accomplish? Why is it in his and the African-American communities interest to support the war with Spain? What kind of symbolism is he using here?

2/13/2006 11:56 PM  

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