Propaganda & Mass Persuasion: Things That Go Un-Noticed When Thinking Of War

Friday, April 04, 2008

Things That Go Un-Noticed When Thinking Of War

When everyone thinks about the war that is taking place in the Middle East right now, all that is thought is people are dying, we are there for the wrong reasons, we are there for oil, there is no reason to be there. But along the way no one takes a step back from looking at the barbarity of it all and focus's on the smaller yet larger things in a sense. In Nicholas D. Kristof's A Merciful War, the talk is about what lives we are actually saving since our invasion of the Middle East. If I had never seen this, I would never have thought that with us being in Afganistan and aiding the people that are sick that we could have possibly have saved the lives of "112,00 fewer children and 7,500 fewer pregnant qomwn dying each year." (Kristof) It's sad to see a government care so less about its people that it allows so many of its children to die from things like measles and diarrhea, and many women to die giving birth, these are 2 important aspects of making the country continue. Yes the country does not have as much money as other countres but it's the countries governmental duties to take care of it's people, instead of having an invading countries people take care of its own people.


Blogger A. Mattson said...

Kristof is making an argument for intervention in Afghanistan. What kind of argument is it? Humanitarian reasons would seem to require our overthrow of many governments that do not protect their own citizens from death and destruction. Is that possible? Realistic? Just?

4/13/2008 11:18 PM  

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