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Monday, April 16, 2007

Troop's Eye view is just that..

"I haven't seen any destroyed tanks. I haven't seen any dead bodies. I haven't seen any disturbing images," said Jones. From the Pentagon's point of view, "it's been one magnificent recruitment video." Howard Kurtz quotes a press director's view of how embedded journalism is taking place during the war. Throughout the course, we have seen many examples of censorship by the American government, and I feel this is one case where the opposite is true; it is the journalists' themselves exhibiting a form of self-censorship. The images and information that embedded journalists recieve are far more in depth than that of a pool journalist, which is important in two aspects; one is that they are prevy to information otherwise unattainable in the media, and two-that the information they do have is presented subjectively. While I agree with using embedded journalism as a medium to present a realistic way of how the war is actually being run, it is difficult to imagine an embedded journalist portraying the troops they live with in a negative light. The occasional military mishap, friendly fire death, or civilian casualty might be overlooked, giving way to a successful Apache helicopter mission.


Blogger A. Mattson said...

Good discussion.

Yes embedding was a very successful media policy. From the media's perspective it paid off as well, providing lots of dramatic footage of the advance on Bagdhad. This action footage played well on the tv screens and kept the audience engaged in the war.

The question that must be confronted is whether the reports coming from the journalists riding with the troops really presented the full picture of the war going on. Embedding is a fine source of imagery and reporting, but it is not sufficient to capture the big picture.

4/16/2007 9:37 PM  

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