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Sunday, March 11, 2007

Bob's Things

The most interesting quote that caught my eye in this article was when the woman said, "No use trying to fool myself that I "gave" my son." A lot of women felt that they sacrificed their sons and husbands but the advertiser is saying that's not really the truth. "He went" therefore the women still haven't given anything to their country. Not only do they owe the country the support of buying bonds, but they owe it to their sons. They have made the ultimate sacrifice and if they don't buy war bonds, they aren't investing in the U.S. or their sons. I think it's so wrong of advertisers to go after mothers and make them feel guilty for not buying war bonds. They may not be able to afford them and saying that they didn't give their sons or husbands is also wrong. If giving up you son is not the ultimate sacrifice then I don't know what is.


Blogger bdenoyer said...

I understand where your comming from but at the same time why is it so wrong to try and target the people who will give you your most support i mean in a way everything they say is true that with out the bonds their sons could be killed so why wouldnt those mothers buy the war bonds i see nothing wrong with that

3/15/2007 1:05 PM  
Blogger A. Mattson said...

Remember the son was a fictional symbol being used to encourage middle class women to make a financial sacrifice for the war effort. Heart strings are being pulled here in an attempt to open pocketbooks. A powerful story of loss provokes strong emotions moving people to give, and sacrifice.

4/10/2007 12:02 AM  

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