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Monday, February 13, 2006

House of Truth

In the House of Truth the reading is mainly about yellow journalism. On the first page a man Virgil Williams is trying to talk the members of his audience to back and support the Great War. He wanted to explain to the people that the Great War was worth backing. He tried to get through to the audience that we don't want to become slaves to the Prussians. After the war was declared the President, Woodrow Wilson put propaganda as his top priority. To have the public support the war in Europe. Like Williams no American wanted to become a slave to the Prussians. Wilson created the CPI on April 14, 1917. He basically did this so his propagada agenda wouldn't get overlooked and undermined and too American morale. Mainly through monitoring foreign press and tracking down those who would put forth lies and rumors. In my mind the CPI was a great organization. And it had a great head in George Creel. During the war the CPI put out posters that would ultimately appeal to public emotions. The CPI did a great job in dishing out liberal sounding rhetoric. The CPI was broken up twenty four hours after the armistice with Germany. Creel reputation faced a decline after the war so did Progressivism. Mainly because of the side of promoting the war to the public to gain it's favor. Even after this negativity towards Progressivism and George Creel, the CPI did gain some postive notes during its run like good lessons that were learned and it affected cultural life for the decades ahead.


Blogger A. Mattson said...

A decent short summary. Next time choose a specific key point and analyze it. What were some of these "lessons that were learned" and how did the CPI affect "cultural life"? Why did the CPI disband so quickly? Why did Creel's reputation suffer?

2/15/2006 11:33 PM  

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