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Thursday, April 02, 2009

Do Your Best....And Be At Your Best

During World War II it was important for men, women, and children to be strong and healthy. There were two magazine articles named Do Your Best.....And Be At your Best from the Cosmopolitan magazine in 1943. Both of these articles advertised Listerine antiseptic for oral hygiene.

"On the production line, or in the home, wherever your serve, today you have an added obligation to "Do your best...Be at your best." America needs you to be strong as well. Now, of all times, it's your duty to care for yourself......for your country!!! Yes, America needs you healthy....but she also needs you cheerful, friendly, cooperative. So put on a smile."

The Lambert Pharmacal Company in St. Louis, Mo is using the war to help them advertise Listerine antiseptic for oral hygiene. Both of the articles puts emphasis on being healthy, strong, and cheerful. The article states "That putting a smile on your face will help you make new friends and cultivate your old friends." One of the pictures from the article shows a women smiling with four men surrounding her who are also smiling. It is obvious that all of the people advertised in that photo seem to be happy and look healthy with clean white teeth.

The article also states that" It is important to always have trustworthy antiseptic and germicide for prompt use in the thousand minor emergencies that continually arise." The message that they are trying to convey is that not only will this product keep your teeth clean and breath smelling fresh. It can possible save your life in regards to minor emergencies that may take place in and out of your household.

The article also states that " In the later years it has established a truly impressive record against America's No. 1 health problem. The ordinary cold, and its frequent attribute, sore throat." Having a bottle of Listerine antiseptic will keep people healthy, happy, and strong. The article made a small notice to the public stating that " Because of wartime restrictions you may not always be able to get Listerine antiseptic in your favorite size. However, we will make every effort to see that this trustworthy antiseptic is always available in some size at your drug store." They made sure that everyone regardless of their situation will have access to a bottle of Listerine antiseptic. It is obvious that the war was used to advertise Listerine antiseptic.


Blogger A. Mattson said...

A good discussion. These advertisements were promoting the war effort and selling Listerine at the same time. The war was popular, it was a "good" war. Associating a product with a popular war is good public relations for the brand.

4/20/2009 11:00 PM  

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