Propaganda & Mass Persuasion: Media The New Soldier?

Friday, March 07, 2008

Media The New Soldier?

During World War II, when media is at its continuing boom from the previous war, advertising schemes were coming out left and right. Bonds, buy Bonds to help our soldiers win this war, yes this did help us with sending supplies and raising money for the war effort, but in some ways this was one of the only way the full focus was on our fighting and dying soldiers. Everything was themed war, lets do this and that to help our soldiers, things that had no relevance to the war hada a war theme, they helped them but it took the focus off the war and off the soldiers. It was as if, the media would consume everything and no attention would have been paid to the soldiers through the public. C.R. Larrabee says, "Others try to climb aboard the wartime bandwagon by using a war theme for products that are remotely, if at all, related to our victory effort. A few are still so unimaginative as to think that the public will believe that without their products the war might well be lost." In a lot of ways the media abused advertising and putting messages in our heads that if we don't save and don't by their products then we are making our men overseas lose this war, it's false. Whatever that did come from these advertisements did help us but the point is that companies and all the media almost completely shut out the people who were fighting, they wanted there products to be the things that you remember and there products that are going to help you the citizen through the day. This is juts not right and not fair to our soldiers, it was the media abusing their powers and the Government itself was involved with pushing these ideas upon everybody. As much as the media was at fault, so was our own Government, could there have been the possibility that the Government was doing this to hide facts and projects about the war? It's just a small question to consider.


Blogger A. Mattson said...

Good material, but try to break up your post into shorter paragraphs and don't forget to proof-read before posting.

Why are all of these advertisers using the war as a theme? Is it patriotism? Self-interest? The work of the OWI? A combination of all of these factors?

The OWI counted on inundating the public with all sorts of messages. Advertising was an important medium of communication. The OWI expected advertisers to include all sorts of messages into their ads. It didn't matter if the product had no relation to the war. That wasn't the point. An angle could always to be found to make the connection between the campaign and the war, even if that connection was sometimes forced.

3/22/2008 9:21 PM  

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