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Sunday, May 07, 2006

Al Jazeera

The Bush Administration once scorned Al Jazeera for reporting on civilian deaths during the war , for showing images of casualties of these civilians. This is ironic because , how does it look for a country like the U.S. to shun Al Jazeera for reporting objectively and actually showing what is happening in the war ; two characteristics of a democratic press in a non democratic(according to American dogma ) country .
We are suppose to be one of the few nations in which the press should be at liberty to do things like report on civilian deaths , but the opposite occurs. Our media have been severely tainted by jingoism and limitations on objective information. In other words there is a restriction on news that is Anti war. This was hyprocacy .
It is my personal opinion that the Al Jazeera have done a better job in reporting the news than the U.S. Why because their news does not resemble a super imposed graphic designed war movie like ours
In the documentary viewed in class ; I saw more footage of actual war fare and it's casualties in 1 hour than i have seen watching 2 years of the U.S. coverage of the war .
I believe the U.S. does not show footage like this because it would strongly and negatively impact public opinion. If Americans saw their soldiers with their limbs mangled and rotting bodies ,we would push for an end to the war but that of course would not be in the favor of the Bush administration


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